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dhh I published recently Mithras and the Zodiaca paper on Roman archaeology, on the Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology, Vol. 5, 1 (2018). Here is the abstract: “The Roman cult of Mithras has been the object of many controversies, for instance the question of the origin, the mythology, and the role of astronomical-astrological concepts. In this article we focus on another controversial point, the existence and content of a doctrine of salvation. We review systematically the literary, epigraphic, architectural, and iconographic evidence of salvation in Mithraism. We find that the evidence supports the existence of a doctrine that included a soul journey towards the solstices, along the lines of a famous passage in Porphyry’s De antro nympharum.”

dhhA paper on the evolution of controversiality in movies. We find that the ratings in the IMDb movies database gets less controversial with time; after 40-50 years, an initially controversial movie becomes mainstream.

English translation of the paper Quantentheorie des einatomigen idealen Gases (Quantum Theory of a Monoatomic Ideal Gas, Einstein, 1924; original version here or here). I could not find any translation of this paper on the web so I decided to do it on my own. In this paper  Einstein develops the Bose-Einstein statistics. In a subsequent one, published in 1925, he predicts the so-called Bose-Einstein condensate.

A paper on firm size distribution in Italy. An estimate of the possible effects of the job employment law known as the Art. 18 on firm size.