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Catalonia, Spain, Europe

Spain, including Catalonia, is one of the most lovely country in the world; Spanish people, including Catalans, are some of the most lovely people in the world. It’s a tragedy that even in such a beautiful and friendly country, people get in jail because of their ideas. Sure, the Catalan leaders and two millions Catalan voters acted against the Spanish Constitution. But laws are for the people, not the people for the laws. If two millions people act, pacifically, against the law, the problem is the law, not the people.

The amount of hate one can read every day in the comments (and also in some articles) in Spanish newspapers should ring a huge alarm bell in all of Europe. If a country that emerged only a few decades ago from a dictatorship, a country that is famous for its beauty and friendliness and that notwithstanding the terrible economic crisis is one of the most developed and rich nation  in the world, if such a country can develop this level of hate in just a few months, it means no country is vaccinated against hate and harsh social conflict. If Europe means anything, it should show it in these cases. In these months, European leaders repeated over and over again, blindly and stolidly, the same words, “it does not concern us”. Europe regretted such an attitude more than once in the last century. I hope this will not happen again.