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A Love/Hate Story.

Sometimes one needs to take a little tour outside the magic world of cosmology to meet real life. During one of these excursions, we thought of applying statistics to a large movie database, the well-known IMDb website. This site collects ratings from 1 to 10 assigned by million of users to movies from all corners of the world. We were particularly intrigued by the fact that some movies seem to collect both very bad and very good reviews, with very little in between. So, controversial movies. We defined two indexes of controversiality, one that is maximal for polarized movies (all 1s and 10s) and one that is maximal for spread-out controversiality, i.e. movies that collects all possible rates, without any peak. Then we started asking how this controversiality changes according to the movie release year and then how it changes when we take the survey some time a part. As in every respectable movie review I will not spoil the suspense and let the readers find for themselves what we’ve got…and which is the most controversial movie ever produced.

(Here is the same article  with supplementary material).