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euclidEuclid is a satellite that the European Space Agency will launch around 2020. The main goal of Euclid is to map the position and distance (or rather redshift) or 30 to 50 millions galaxies and to record the image of another two billions. With this unprecedented wealth of data, cosmologists will be able to reconstruct the expansion rate of the universe and the clustering of galaxies down to distances of two thousands  Megaparsec. Comparing these results with  predictions of theoretical models, they will get much closer to determining the properties and nature of dark energy and dark matter and the large-scale structure of space-time.

The Euclid collaboration, composed by over a thousand scientists from 15 different countries (all Europeans plus USA), including me, has recently published a review of the main characteristics of the mission.

Lost in translation

Can you believe that one of the most famous papers in statistical mechanics, written by the most famous scientist of all times, available to everybody since 90 years in German, has apparently never been translated to English so far? Well, it was high time to fill this gap: here is the English translation of the paper Quantentheorie des einatomigen idealen Gases (Quantum Theory of a Monoatomic Ideal Gas; original version here) written by  Einstein in 1924. In this paper  Einstein develops the Bose-Einstein statistics. In a subsequent one, published in 1925, he predicts the so-called Bose-Einstein condensate. Also surprisingly, the second paper has been translated only recently, along with the original Bose paper that Einstein himself, ironically, had to translate from English to German to have it published in a German journal.